Watch the Breakdown online guitar lesson by Richard Gilewitz from Fingerscapes

This exercise is the opening segment and main theme of a piece I wrote entitled "Daughter of Pete's Feet" which, like "Thumbsing" can be heard both on my release "Thumbsing" as well as a live version on "Live at 2nd Street Theatre". Upon hearing the two versions you might notice a little bit more of a sense of freedom during the live performance, particularly when the slide comes into play.
For this segment the most crucial part is to strike the very first beat very forcefully with right hand fingers p and a to set the upcoming melody in motion. It is also very important that during the pull off's you 'pluck' the strings off with the left hand 1st and 3rd fingers and not just 'release' them. This will allow for a continuation of the melody which needs to be kept as even as possible. Pay close attention to the right hand fingerings in measure 6 so as, once again, not to 'trip' over your fingers. As I've always said it's often like trying to jog and use the same leg twice in a row!

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