Watch the Sweet Jivin' Mama online guitar lesson by Paul Rishell from Dirt Road Blues

Now we'll work on "Sweet Jivin' Mama" by Blind Blake (Paramount, Chicago 1929). Arthur "Blind" Blake is one of the most accomplished and least known figures in country blues. He is believed to have been born in Jacksonville, Florida, in the late 1800s, and recorded nearly 80 sides for Paramount between 1926 and 1932. He probably had a reputation that predated his recording career, as he was signed by Paramount following the surprising success of their premier artist, Blind Lemon Jefferson. It has been said that he was run over by a streetcar in 1932, though his death has never been verified.
I included this song because it's the only one that is in an open tuning besides "Police Dog Blues." The form is unusual, with its alternate IV chord. The tuning is an open D with a low E; E, A, D, F#, A, D. We're capoed up on the second fret.

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