Watch the Low Down Rounder online guitar lesson by Paul Rishell from Dirt Road Blues

Now let's work with "Low Down Rounder" by Peg Leg Howell (Columbia, Atlanta 1928). Peg Leg Howell (March 5, 1888 - August 11, 1966) taught himself guitar at the age of 21. A gunshot wound sustained in a fight caused him to lose his leg. In 1923 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began playing on street corners, but also served a term in prison for bootlegging. He made his first recordings for Columbia in 1926. "New Prison Blues" was written when in prison for bootlegging liquor, and one of the first country blues to be issued. His recorded repertoire covered ballads, ragtime and jazz, as well as blues. He died in Atlanta in 1966.
I actually got the guitar parts in the song from a version that was recorded by Spider John Koerner. We're in open D tuning; D, A, D, F#, A, D.

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