Watch the Louise online guitar lesson by Paul Rishell from Dirt Road Blues

Let's dig in on "Louise", another one of my tunes (Tone-Cool 1990), and add that to your repertoire. I wrote "Louise" when I was listening a lot to Blind Lemon Jefferson. I was trying to write a song where I played all the strings to play the seven notes in the melody and the accompanying bass parts. I know of two people who tried to learn the song in standard tuning; but open G is much easier on the hands. David Holt recorded a full band version for an album he did with Doc Watson, called Slide.
Just to make this very clear: the tuning is open A; E, A, E, A, C#, E and we're capoed up to the second fret. The challenging parts are the one's where a single line melody is played beneath the vocals. Practice them slowly. The breaks contain some interesting bass lines played against a melody using counterpoint.

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