Watch the Blues On A Holiday online guitar lesson by Paul Rishell from Dirt Road Blues

I was inspired to write "Blues on a Holiday" (Tone-Cool 1990) when I did some touring with Bonnie Raitt back in the mid-70s. She featured country blues as a prominent part of her act in those days, and toured with an old wooden-bodied National resonator guitar. Even though she was just starting out, it was obvious even then that she was going to be a huge star. I was too shy to tell her that I wrote it for her to sing, so I ended up recording it myself on my first album in 1990. But I was thrilled when Susan Tedeschi recorded it in 2003 for her second album, "Wait for Me."
We're in a regular tuning and start off with a mellow Dmaj7 chord. The song features some great harmonica playing by Annie Raines.

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