Watch the Two Guitar Parts online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from Acoustic Rhythm Survival Guide

It's always been fun for me to blend a standard tuned guitar part with an open tuning guitar part. Here's where we get to play with this. If the chords with added color tones are too difficult for you to play in time, then just stick with the initial bar chords. You'll still get 'color' when we add the second part in open C2 tuning. Play along with me on this first part to make sure you've got the rhythm and timing right.

NOTE on changing chords that are hard to play: Whenever I'm learning to play something, or writing something that involves new or difficult chord forms, I have a very particular way of practicing that seems to help me improve pretty quickly. Remember that the brain remembers everything we do – even the WRONG things. This can lead to many long hours spent learning something we don't want to learn!

Practice very, very slowly and find the tempo – even if it's super slow – that you can play the first chord change in. Practice just going from the first to second chord. Very slowly. Make sure you're only moving the fingers you need to. Sometimes we take our entire hand off the strings when we could simply slide one finger a fret away, or even leave it where it was!

So take note of how your fingers are moving from one chord to the next and then make sure you're using the LEAST amount of movement possible. This will make for the quickest chord change possible. From here, as you repeat the movement, you'll be able to gradually increase the tempo.

Do the same process for each chord change that is difficult for you. Then, put the whole progression together.

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