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In his book, 'Chord Progressions for the Songwriter', Richard Scott has given us a veritable encyclopedia of musical progressions in the context of historical time periods.

Each chapter starts with an explanation of the progression at hand, complete with its own evolution, including the composers and musicians that made the progression popular. Using hit songs as examples, we learn about many variations stemming from each progression. In this way, we're really learning from the 'pros'.

He ends each chapter sharing his own musical explorations using the progression at hand, and then gives you space ('Your Assignment') to put all this into practice for yourself with very articulate directions.

Here's a partial list of Chapter Headings:

Circle Progressions
Blues Progressions
Coltrane Changes
One-Chord Progressions
Rhythm Changes

The Appendix could stand alone as another complete book... and is not for the faint of heart!

Chord Glossary
Chord Substitution
Roman Numerals

Need I say more???? Get the book!!

Thanks Richard!

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