Watch the Make a New Section online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from Acoustic Rhythm Survival Guide

For Songwriters: We will take pieces or sections of our 4-chord progression and make them into new sections. You could take any one of those 4 chords and make it a section, or 2 or 3 chords. In the examples on the video I've taken 2 chords at a time and showed you some possible variations.

Note that in addition to picking out only 2 chords, I gave each chord in the new section twice as much time... so instead of playing the chords for 2 beats each as in the original progression, I now am playing each chord for 4 beats. This feels 'good' to me – but let your own taste make the decision for you.

For the Cover Tune player: You could take this idea and make an intro, outro or solo section this way. Remember – you can even change the chords under the lyrics and melody without getting arrested (joking, but not really), as the copyright law states that you can't copyright chord progressions!

Make sure you play through all of the examples with me on the video so you understand the concept. THEN try it with a song you know. Take two chords from the VERSE and make them into a solo section, intro or outro.

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