Watch the Harmonic Quality online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from Acoustic Rhythm Survival Guide

Here's the tuning I use for this example: C-G-Eb-F-Bb-D (C minor9sus 4)

E – down two whole steps to C
A – down one whole step to G
D – up one half step to D# or Eb
G – down one whole step to F
B – down one half step to Bb or A#
E – down one whole step to D

When I play the IVminor and V minor, I use my third finger and pinky to play the minor chord. Notice that when I play the 'bar', I'm adding my middle finger to my index finger. This gives me extra strength to make sure the bar is really solid. You may not need to do this, and then you could finger the chord with your index and middle fingers. See what works for you.

Feel free to explore adding additional 'bass line' ideas. I've given you one, but there are many more within reach in this tuning!

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