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Watch the The Blue Ocean online guitar lesson by Peppino D'Agostino from Acoustic Poetica

Starting on measure 40 I play a series of chords with a vibrato effect. If you want to get the best results you have to use a cyclic upper arm movement, to create an impression of a longer sustain and a change of tone. Make sure to anchor the left hand fingers to the fret board as they move slowly within the frets in a direction parallel to its axis. As you play the chord, make sure that your left hand fingers don't slide in order to avoid parasite noises. When you shift from chord to chord make sure to lift your left hand and reach the next position by placing all fingers simultaneously on the fret board. On measure 47 keep the same left hand position used in the previous measure and play these artificial harmonics by lightly touching the strings on the 24th fret with the r.h.index finger while striking simultaneously in an upward motion across the fretboard with the r.h.ring finger. Considering that the 24th fret is outside the fret board, you have to practice a fair amount to identify visually and manually to reach the right spot. The 12th fret harmonics in measure 57 are stroked with the r.h.thumb strumming the 6th, 5th and 4th string follow by the r.h.index playing the 3rd string, the r.h.middle playing the 2nd and the r.h. ring playing the 1st. This quick arpeggio is reminiscent of what an harpist does when he/she strikes multiple strings in a fast passage. After striking the harmonics, bend the guitar neck with the left hand by pushing the headstock away from you first, and back to the original neck position second. As you perform this bending movement make sure to keep the tempo.