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Watch the Street Pulse online guitar lesson by Peppino D'Agostino from Acoustic Poetica

Note: the performance of "Street Pulse" is slightly shorter than the one that I use when I explain this piece in detail in the breakdown section. For this reason you have two different scores for the same composition. This way you can follow either one at your convenience. When I write music, 80% of the time I do follow an instinctual, emotional desire because an experience, a place or a person has moved me. The other 20% is a cerebral approach where I plan the tune in advance or use certain compositional devices. One time I wrote a composition entitled "Jump Rope" where I wanted to use a banjo technique used in the Appalachian Mountains called "claw hammer". If you listen to that tune, you'll find that I purposely emphasize the up beat with my r.h. middle and ring fingers to create a jumping feeling as I play the melody in the mid register. Just like "Jump Rope", "Street Pulse" was a planned in advance kind of piece where I wanted to create a percussive background to a melody played essentially on the bass notes. I wanted to go a little further by making sure that these percussions performed on the guitar body and on the muted 1st and 2nd string, were "in between" the notes of the melody, very much like a tabla player would do. This is certainly the most difficult composition in the collection and it would take time and energy to master it but if you decide to work on it, you will get a lot of knowledge about timing, finger independence and percussive sounds.