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Watch the Street Pulse online guitar lesson by Peppino D'Agostino from Acoustic Poetica

Measure 26 starts with a percussive sound on the 2nd and 4th beat and it's done with the flesh of the r.h. thumb on the E and A by gently "slapping" the string. Make sure not to slap these strings to hard and be conscious about the volume of this percussive sound. The concept here is to slap a bass string that is not involved with a chord that you're playing. For example: the low E played in the beginning of measure 26 needs to ring even as you "slap" the 5th string on the 2nd beat. Similarly you will sustain the open A in the 3rd beat over the "slap" on the 4th beat. Measure 30 is difficult to execute because the "slap" on the 5th string happens exactly as you pull-off the B note on the 2nd string, 2nd beat. Pay attention to properly execute the artificial harmonics on measure 32. In the tablature the regular size number shows where you position your left hand fingers, the small number in parenthesis shows the fret where you have to create the harmonic. Play these artificial harmonics by lightly touching first the 4th (F#) and then the 3rd (B) strings both on the 16th fret with the r.h.index finger and striking simultaneously with the r.h.thumb.