Watch the Flying Solo online guitar lesson by Joe Dalton from 50 Acoustic Blues Licks You MUST Know

Let’s crawl before we walk when it comes to improvising solos. The concept here is to find a tonal center and work around it. In this case. the tonal center I've decided to use is E. This is easy to grasp since we are in the key of E, there is an E note in the E chord and the A chord, the two main chords in the chorus. In the first example, I'm only using the E. In the second example, I'm using the E and the note below it. In the next example, its the E and the note above it. See what I mean about centering around a tone. Instead of trying to use the entire scale, I'm creating short melodic phrases. If you take the time to get used to this idea, your solos will improve dramatically because of your increased awareness of proper phrasing. Sometimes less is more.

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