Watch the Easy as Do-Re-Mi online guitar lesson by Joe Dalton from 50 Acoustic Blues Licks You MUST Know

Learning melodic phrases is the first step in this approach to creating your own solo blues choruses. You should try these at different tempos and with a straight or shuffle rhythm. You will probably accent differently at various tempos. There are many opportunities to vary each phrase. Try quarter notes in the bass (one for each count), eighth notes (when you sub-divide the beat,1+2+3+4+), or combinations. There are many combinations.

A melodic analysis reveals a simple do-re-mi melody with a chromatic passing tone (the g natural). Note also that the melody falls on the beats 1+2+. This leaves us on the upbeat. Syncopation is either anticipation or hesitation. This is an example of anticipation. We hit on 2+ and hold the note onto beat 3. By hitting on the weak beat and holding onto the strong beat we have an anticipation.

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