Watch the Tunings Chart online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from 3D Acoustic Guitar

>> Try it...
Pick a song. A pretty simple song to start with, but one you know and like. Identify the chords by their 'function' (I, IV, V, vi, ii, etc.). You can even start with just a verse or chorus. Then go to the Chart and find those chords in each of the 5 tunings.

I believe that once you try it and see how simple it is, you'll have a lot of fun re-working some of your favorite tunes in open tunings.

>> Another fun thing to try is to have a buddy (or yourself on tape) play the song in standard tuning and you play with them using one of the open tunings and listen to the cool voicings and harmonies that happen! Here's a link to a video of a performance of the song 'Imagine' where I'm playing in D-A-D-E-G-C and Susan Weinert is playing in standard. Together, there's a richness that is beautiful.

The song is recorded on my CD, 'UnCovered'.

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