Watch the Thumb Slaps with Harmonics online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from 3D Acoustic Guitar

>> Review: Thumb Slap Position
- Right Hand in 'hand shake' position
- Pivot from elbow
- Quick release from striking string
- Mute strings 5-1 with Left hand middle finger

>> Harmonic Brush:
- Use nails (right hand) with focus of attack on middle finger
- Roughly aim for strings 4-1

By this point, you should be getting a really good sound with your Thumb Slaps and Harmonic Brushes. If not, know what to do!

Go for accuracy in this exercise. You might try practicing only the harmonic brushes without the Thumb Slaps just to really focus on the sound you're getting.

>> Practice Tip:
If you find yourself 'tripping' over a certain part of an exercise or phrase of a piece, take a 'time out' from playing the entire piece and work with just that small section that you're having trouble with. Take it way down in tempo until you can play it correctly and without unnecessary tension in your body. This might even be what I call 'No Tempo' practicing which is playing so slowly it's not in any tempo, but you're able to make the changes without error.

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