Watch the Kali's First Steps online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from 3D Acoustic Guitar

>> Review:
Are you sure you know what each of these is? Go back and review if you're not sure! This etude contains ALL the Kali-sthenics we've learned in the course!!

- Thumb Slap
- Left Hand Harmonic
- Harmonic Brush
- Body Percussion
- Single note tapping - melody
- Tapping bass notes - hammer on's - holding down bass notes to make chord
- Holding chord & hammering on (pinky in this case - 3:57)
- Pull off
- Final 'strum' low to high strings

* When playing all the way through be sure to follow repeat signs.

NOTE: REMEMBER!! - take small bite sized pieces and get them into your body, working slowly. When you are able to play these pieces with ease and without mistakes, connect them to the next piece....and so on, until you can play the whole etude with a sense of FLUIDITY and MUSICALITY.

NOTE on 'NOTE': When I say 'get them into your 'body', I mean practice them until you no longer have to THINK about playing them, your body knows what to do, it becomes 'automatic'.

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