Watch the Harmonic Hammer-Ons online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from 3D Acoustic Guitar

In this exercise we're starting to create chords. Be sure to leave your fingers down on the 6th & 5th strings, as these are our bass notes.

When fretting the chords use either your 2nd & 3rd fingers of the left hand or 1st & 2nd fingers. You would chose one fingering over the other depending upon the context of your song and what comes before and after. For now pick the fingering that's most comfortable for you.

Note that when I switch to a faster tempo in this exercise I change the time signature from 4/4 to 3/4!

SOFT Thumb Attack - Take the time to try this. Listen to and Feel the difference between the soft attack and a Thumb Slap. They each have different characteristics and while the difference may seem subtle, choosing one over the other is a musical decision that you can make to add dynamics or change the vibe of a section of a song.

>> Review: 3 Attacks for Bass Notes

1 - Single note tap
2 - Thumb slap
3 - Soft Thumb attack

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