Watch the Exploring Tunings: C2 online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from 3D Acoustic Guitar

Take your first 5 minutes of playing (or singing or 'whatever;) and play things you've NEVER played before. Break free of your ruts and musical habits!

Refer to your tool kit for the '12 Steps to Exploring Open Tunings.'

Use your 'Tuning Guide' for the C2 tuning.

When tapping a 'chord' (6:30) be sure to 'tap' the open strings first, then hammer on the actual chord notes with left hand.

You may find that you can employ some of the open strings as you play melody lines or scales - and get some really cool riffs that would be impossible to do in a standard tuning.

Follow your bliss! Let yourself follow the sounds, rhythms or body movements that you like - again NO RULES here!


>> Notice the 'color' of this you like it?

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