Watch the Atomic Reshuffle online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from 3D Acoustic Guitar

Tuning: Bb-Bb-Eb-G-Ab-Bb

This piece has become my 'signature' instrumental. It's a wonderful showcase for the techniques that I've developed over the past 20 years. When writing, I never set out to compose a piece with 'techniques' in mind...rather, there's always a musical or rhythmic idea that's begging for expression. Then I have to figure out how to play it! Many times I've simply 'followed' the urges in my hands to move in certain ways or the sounds in my head and that's led to a new technique. (Certainly that was the case with the section starting at 3:00 in this piece where I'm using my left hand on top of the neck and keeping time with my ring finger hitting the wood...)

So sit back, relax and listen. Get ready to open your ears and your mind. We're about to venture into some new sounds, new ways of thinking, playing, exploring and ultimately - enjoying the guitar!

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