Watch the 3D Acoustic Guitar online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from 3D Acoustic Guitar

3D Acoustic Guitar is about charting new territory in your playing and creative process as it relates to the guitar. It's about having conversations with your instrument, about listening in new ways, responding to what you hear with confidence and curiosity, with abandon, without inhibition. It's about a new vocabulary, and it's about your thirst for new ways to express your deepest thoughts, feelings, visions and dreams. It's about adding some new tricks to your collection and it's about courageously embracing your muse.

We start with techniques – drawing from my collection of original material – which reflects over 20 years of experimenting and exploring with the use of open tunings, percussive techniques, harmonic tapping, funkified bass note slapping and the like. Breaking things down into small, bite sized pieces, you’ll get an opportunity to see, hear and understand many new approaches to making sound on the guitar and you’ll get plenty of exercises to help you practice them and make them your own. Then we go into the deep water – creating and exploring new tunings on your own. I’ve given you lots of suggestions and I take you through them -step by step. You’ll see and hear how much fun it is to explore and discover new sounds, new harmonic combinations, new melodic and rhythmic possibilities.

It's about going deeper, wider and higher....3 Dimensional. You ready?

Section I - Techniques (Kali-sthenics)
- Thumb Slaps
- Harmonic Tapping
- Harmonic Brushing
- Left Hand Harmonics
- Body Percussion

Section II - Creating & Exploring Open Tunings
- 5 Specific Tunings
- Listening
- 12 Steps to exploring a new tuning

>> Start Right Now!
Take the advice of one of my teachers, Edward Flower: Spend the first 5 minutes of your playing time playing things you've NEVER played before! That's the only rule. Try this in standard tuning or any tuning. Go ahead - try it right now!

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