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Watch the Write Lyrics and Melody online guitar lesson by Ravi from 1-2-3 Songwriting

Here we are going to write our lyrics, and let's do it simultaneously with writing a melody. We already have chords, rhythm and groove, and story. So by doing the lyrics and melody together, the marriage of words and music will bond quite naturally. I want the delivery of my message to be very conversational since I chose a 2nd person point of view. Think about your story and tone and write in that context. I'm just going to speak very directly in my song and use notes in the melody to emphasize the most interesting and important words. Now the rhymes will start to become important. Hopefully they will come naturally, but even if they don't, start experimenting with rhymes even if the words themselves are not the most accurate in terms of what you want to convey (a rhyming dictionary can be quite useful in this respect. Nothing is in stone but it needs to be both musical and meaningful. So the magic is to massage both until they blend and ultimately convey your story. You might choose to modify your story slightly to accomodate a rhyme, and if it doesn't work, try something else. Just trying something might take you into a whole new dimension. Go back to your original story idea sketches and see if there is anything there that works or inspires something that works. Sing your sections over the chords, altering and experimenting with your melody as needed, and even add, subtract, or modify the chord progression if doing so will enhance your song. Nothing is in stone until you record it, and even then nothing says you can't re-record or continue to evolve the song when you perform it live. Figure out where you are going to place the title of your song, which often is the climax of the song or possibly the resolution to any questions created by the rest of your lyrics. Develop your lyrics and play and sing them making adjustments as needed. Then, check it off your list.