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Watch the Verse Lyrics and Melody online guitar lesson by Ravi from 1-2-3 Songwriting

Use your story idea to develop a great melody and lyric for the verses, and work it over your newly developed groovin' chord progression. Think about rhymes, melodious words, and syllabic rhythms. Imagine your melody on a graph so you can see the high points and line those up with the most important words in each line. Think about the words you want to stress and design your melody to accentuate those points. Keep it natural. If you are stuck melodically, speak your lines and see what words you naturally emphasize. If it helps, imagine you are an actor saying the lines in a movie. How would you phrase them? In my song the rhyme schemes came together naturally without even thinking about it academically. See what kind of end of line rhymes you can come up with, but also look to create some internal rhymes (within each line) to make your phrasing more melodic and poetic. Experiment wiht different techniques to emphasize your title, such as possibly stopping your rhythm under the title so that the words jump out more. No rules, but lots of experimenting encouraged! Then, since you will expand your story in the second verse, start developing lines that offer more insight into the characters of your story. In my song, I'm keeping the lyrical rhythm pretty similar between my two verses. For this exercise, you might want to do the same. However, if your song feels like it needs more movement, squeeze a little more into the second verse if you have the room and build more story. Be careful not to use filler words just for the sake of space - make every word count.