Watch the Create the Story online guitar lesson by Ravi from 1-2-3 Songwriting

Once again, we want to create a story around a universal truth. However, since we have started with a lyric, the approach will be slightly different. We need to derive a universal truth from our hook and then build a story around it. Write your title on top and use that as your focal point. Everything you write from this point on has to relate to that primary message. Flesh out your ideas through free association - don't edit or cut off your flow of thought. In addition to the title, reflect back on your chorus because there are even more ideas to extract from each of those lines. As you come across certain words, think about the musicality of those words and if some sound more musical than others, circle them - you may want to incorporate them later. Reduce your ideas to two or three chapters. These will become your verses and each one should develop the story a little deeper than the previous one.