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Watch the Create a Bridge online guitar lesson by Ravi from 1-2-3 Songwriting

A bridge helps break the pattern and add a little surprise - a new dimension to our songs. If repeating the structure is starting to sound repetitive yet the song is too short without doing so, take it to the bridge! This section is usually a departure musically, and that also gives us the chance to throw a different angle in the story - touch on an aspect of the story that provides a different viewpoint or dimension. In order to depart musically, start the bridge with a chord from the key that is different than the starting note of any other section so far. This isn't by any means a hard fast rule, but for the sake of this exercise, try it. You might want to vary the groove also. You could make it a big release and go all out, or you can really pull it back. It might depend on the tone of this part of your story. Alternatively, you might not have more to say, in which case you can do some kind of musical bridge without lyrics or perhaps just emphasizing your title or main point in the song. Build your bridge, and check it off your list.