Watch the 1-2-3 Fingerstyle Guitar online guitar lesson by Muriel Anderson from 1-2-3 Fingerstyle Guitar

Traditional fingerstyle guitar is a great avenue to develop independence between the thumb and fingers while keeping a constant groove.  We will emphasize the alternating bass using the arm and even the entire body to push the thumb. This translates into groove which translates into emotion.

Each of the 19 sets of lessons has three parts to learn.  We’ll work on adding the fingers in different ways, accompanying songs, typical  chord forms, blue notes, arpeggios, patterns, bass runs, walk ups and walk downs, turnarounds, endings, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and cool licks.

I’ve composed some easy tunes for you that are similar to standard fingerpicking tunes that you might be learning later. With much already under your fingers, it should give you a jump start when you set out to learn fingerstyle music, or to write your own.

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