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Watch the Percussive Elements online guitar lesson by Dmitry Lisenko from Percussive Acoustic Bass (Foundry)

Kick – use the heel of your hand and hit with moderate force on the body of guitar. There are 2 main areas, first one just above the strings, and second below the strings. By hitting, you're imitating the sound of the kick drum. Try to get the lowest sound possible.

Snare – there are a lot of options and places where you can play it. Usually you hit the body with your middle or index finger. The first option is just by hitting the strings, second is by hitting below the strings, and the third combines these two techniques - string hit and under the string hits. The fourth option is done by hitting under the body of your bass.

Hi hat - the first option is to use your thumb and slap it on the muted G string. Second option is to strum with your middle finger playing upstrokes and down strokes on muted strings. Third option is to use your left hand (it's the same left hand.

Tom Tom – any extra hits we do with fingers, right hand thumb, or left hand hits.