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Watch the About Percussive Bass online guitar lesson by Dmitry Lisenko from Percussive Acoustic Bass (Foundry)

What is Percussive Bass?
Percussive bass is a technique where you play rhythm and the melody (or bass part) simultaneously. Because of the hollow body of the acoustic instrument, when we hit it we can get sound similar to percussion.

Acoustic Bass
As long as your bass is acoustic, any model will work. The bigger the body, the lower and louder percussive sound you can get, which is especially important for kick drum sounds.

Chords on Bass
You will be using a lot of chords and intervals, so it's good to know and be able to play them.

Left Hand Tapping
You have to think about your hands as a two different instruments, or band members: The right hand is the drummer and the left hand is a bass player. That's why you have to learn to play any bass riff only with your left hand.

String Action Try to lower your string action so you'll be able to tap with your left & right hands more easily. If you don't have an acoustic bass yet, don't worry - you can start practicing most of the exercises with an electric bass.

Overall, percussive fingerstyle is an advanced style of playing, which consists of many different techniques: Slap, tapping, harmonics, chords & intervals, hammer-ons and pull-offs, as well as percussion. In this course, I'll show you all of these techniques only in relation to percussive fingerstyle. For deeper understanding, and for achieving better results, I would highly suggest you to learn each of these elements separately.