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Every 10 or 20 years a guitar method is published that sets a new milestone in guitar education. The guitar studies of Fernando Sor, the Carcassi Guitar Method, Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method and Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry are four excellent examples. Each earned its place in the history of music education, and the efficacy of each approach holds up to this day.

The TrueFire edition of Marc Schonbrun's The Efficient Guitarist holds great promise to join their ranks as a breakthrough method for guitarists.

We've been compiling this expanded and interactive video edition from Marc's original works for over two years. The material and methods herein have been thoroughly tested by hundreds of students and instructors during the process with great success. Guitar players of all levels, across all styles, will benefit from this exceptional resource.

The Efficient Guitarist is not a beginner course any more than it is an advanced course of study. It is simply an entirely fresh approach to navigating the fretboard and applying harmony. This course has the potential to completely transform your rhythm playing, your soloing, and your skills as an improviser. It's the perfect companion to all other TrueFire courses.

Marc Schonbrun graduated magna cum laude from the Crane School of Music. He is an active educator, writer, and performer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marc's musical resume ranges from classical guitar concertos to jazz trios to rock concerts. Marc's a highly sought-after lecturer on guitar and music technology, and frequently tours the country educating both musicians and teachers.

In an extraordinarily elegant and effective fashion, Schonbrun exploits the visual qualities, shapes, and symmetries that are unique to the guitar. The Efficient Guitarist connects these visual qualities to the applied theory and harmony necessary for playing virtually any style of music.

Schonbrun capitalizes on the logic of the guitar's layout -- the same logic, in fact, that makes it easy for beginning players to get comfortable with the tried-and-true "blues box." But rather than being stuck using one or two simple box shapes, Schonbrun shows how to unlock the box so you can have the same level of comfort playing leads and rhythms over the entire neck of the guitar. No kidding -- the entire neck. The Efficient Guitarist teaches you how to achieve the fluidity and command of the instrument that we all admire in the best professional musicians.

The Efficient Guitarist is presented in two interactive PDF manuals with text, fret charts, chord and string diagrams, and buttons for calling up the video and audio elements as you progress through the course. This new edition of the best-selling The Efficient Guitarist has been rewritten especially for this course. The videos and audio materials bring this dynamic work to life and provide the personal touch you'd get sitting with this outstanding musician and educator.

Schonbrun steps you through the entire system covering moveable major, minor, dominant, jazz and extended chords, scales, arpeggios and forms, intervals, performance positions, progressions, theory, harmony, nuance, phrasing, inflections, transposition, improvisation and everything else you'll need to master the method and take command of your instrument.

For chords, you'll learn ALL of the chords, shapes and moveable forms to be able to open any piece of music, any lead sheet, or any tab chart, and play the tune with ease. You'll understand what chords work together to form keys and through The Efficient Guitarist's innovative Table of Chords & Transposition, you'll learn how to reverse engineer any song and figure out what keys it's in.

For soloing and riffing, Schonbrun starts you out with the scale that everybody's very familiar with: the minor pentatonic scale. From there, Marc shows you how to transform pentatonic scales to full major and minor scales. You'll then learn how simply those scales interlock together to span the whole neck. You'll be able to play in any key, in any position, anywhere on the neck. You'll understand not only the fingerings, but the theory of each note and how they relate to the chords that you're playing over.

Throughout the course, Schonbrun explains and demonstrates the concepts in simple, easy-to-digest chunks. Schonbrun demonstrates how to apply all of the concepts in a musical context by improvising over specially prepared practice rhythm tracks, which cover a wide variety of styles, keys and tempos. All fo the tracks are included in the course.

The Efficient Guitarist is about those "aha!" moments. Remember learning your first major barre chord and then realizing how that one shape could be moved up and down the fretboard to play a major chord in all 12 keys? The Efficient Guitarist is packed with similar epiphanies and BIG ideas. 145 pages, 200+ diagrams and 569 minutes worth of video will provide an entirely fresh, ear-and-eye-opening perspective for playing the guitar.

Whatever your level, whatever your style, The Efficient Guitarist is unquestionably a must-have reference in your educational library.

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