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Today's "shredders" are no longer relying solely on just break-neck speed and flashy pyrotechnical chops to express themselves musically. The new "shred" generation is highly focused on learning and applying melody, harmony, theory and developing solid improvisational skills. Shred Ahead Blues-Rock is the contemporary shredder's toolkit for accumulating the requisite knowledge and developing these essential skills.

"Shredding" is usually thought of as being limited to a very specific style of music but this is not the case with Shred Ahead. The principles covered in this course can and should be applied over any style of musical expression. Rock, blues, jazz, classical, fusion and even country music are now all being influenced by "shred" techniques and the foundational aspects of form, color, character, chord tonality, and "outside the box" playing demonstrated here in Shred Ahead. We've selected the Blues-Rock form to work with because it's a simple framework to learn and practice over (it's also fun to play!).

Your Shred Ahead professor is Jeff Beasley; an exceptional player, prolific educator, top columnist and highly popular workshop and clinic instructor. Jeff has performed and taught with some of the biggest names in the shred biz and his debut CD, Tiebreaker, reached #2 on the shred guitar charts. Music for the World magazine calls Jeff "An American Virtuoso".

Shred Ahead will strengthen your technical skills, dramatically expand your understanding of harmony and theory, and generally step up your performance, composition and improvisation game. You'll play your way through the course by working with a variety of practice rhythm tracks and arrangements designed to impart key learnings. Jeff also teaches you a wide variety of melodic and harmonic lines that are ideally structured for shredding, and which contain the theoretical navigations exemplified by many masters of the form.

You'll learn how to give "every note" a meaningful purpose and resolution. You'll work with sweep-picking, hybrid-picking, string-skipping, alternate picking, legato lines, hammer-ons and pull-offs, and diverse musical ideas including: modern bebop lines, augmented/diminished arpeggios, 11th and 13th arpeggios, thirds and sixths, the half-whole scale, Mixolydian ideas, and the pedal-point technique.

Shred Ahead delivers all of the brain power and physical prowess that you'll need on your journey to become a better player, develop your own sound and stand out in the highly competitive field of "shred guitar. Full shred ahead baby!

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