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Channel: Open String Universe

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Open String Universe - Guitar Lessons
We all learned our fair share of “open string” chords when we first picked up the guitar but most players gravitate pretty quickly to “barre” chords and other moveable chords. Some of those chord forms also take advantage of open strings in certain positions on the neck where those open strings compliment the harmony of that particular chord. There’s not much sweeter than a beautiful-sounding, ringing open string chord placed perfectly in the context of a tune or improvisation.

Open strings are one of the very special “guitaristic” qualities of the instrument, yet even advanced players usually have a limited open string chord vocabulary at their command. Open String Universe takes you to school on dozens and dozens of open string chords and moveable shapes. And true to form, TrueFire’s educational guru, Brad Carlton doesn’t stop there – he also covers best practices for soloing and improvising over open string chords.

All in all, everything you need to know about playing and soloing over open string chords is covered extensively across the following sections and video segments:

Open String Chords: E Major, F Major 7#11, F#7 add4, G6, Ab add#9#5, A add9, Bb add b9 #11, B add4 (11), C Major 7, C#7#9, D 6/9, Eb add#5b9, E Minor, F Minor Maj7#11, F# Minor 7/11, Gb add#9, G# Minor add#5, A Minor add9, Bb Minor add9 b5, B Minor Add4 (11), C Major 7 #9, C# Minor 7, D Minor 6/9, Eb Minor add b6 b9

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