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When Mimi Fox released her first TrueFire course, Jazz Anatomy, she was considered one of the hot new rising stars of the jazz guitar world. By the time she released her second TrueFire course, Graduated Solos, Fox had already distinguished herself as a "remarkably accomplished player with flawless time, pristine execution, serious chops, a keen ear for chordal voicings and an inner urge to burn."

Today Fox is revered as one of the few bona fide masters of jazz guitarists walking the planet today. Mimi’s third TrueFire course, Flying Solo, “the consummate master class in solo jazz guitar” further establishes her authority as both a monster player and top educator. In the words of Joe Pass, “she can do it all!”

Playing solo gigs offers jazz guitarists a different level of intimacy with an audience than is typically afforded in a group situation. In this course, Mimi delves into the finer points of solo jazz guitar performance, giving you the tools needed to develop everything from evocative song arrangements to well-paced set lists. Solo performances challenge jazz guitarists to utilize all of the polyphonic guitaristic devices at their disposal to establish and maintain groove while at the same time developing the melodic qualities of the tune and improvising compelling solos.

Mimi covers it all in Flying Solo; integrated walking bass lines within both blues and standard jazz styles; playing Latin grooves; the effective use of odd meters; advanced melodic and harmonic concepts, intros and endings; the use of voice leading within solos; chord soloing; integrated soloing in blues, standard and bossa styles; chordal development; the importance of developing strong intros and endings; the effective integration of texture and dynamics; major, minor and dominant substitutions; rubato playing; utilizing harmonics and open strings; improvisation; and a special two-part section on arranging pieces utilizing a composer’s mindset. She also covers structuring your set list to suit the gig as well as the audience before she finishes things off with the deft performance of six tunes in various jazz styles to provide breathtaking examples of the techniques covered in Flying Solo within a performance situation.

Flying Solo is not for the weak of heart and is NOT your typical collection of solo jazz guitar arrangements and playing tips. This is serious grey matter focused on both technical and creative skills. Fox shares enough insight and material to keep you busy for several lifetimes, however you will also experience dozens of epiphanies along the way that you’ll be able to apply immediately in your own playing and improvisations. Buckle up!

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