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Bluesology 1 - Guitar Lessons
Bluesology thoroughly examines the theory and harmony behind performing, composing and improvising the blues. Rhythmic patterns, progressions, solo development and essential techniques for electric blues guitar are covered extensively across 160 full-length interactive video lessons on 8 interactive video software CD-ROMs.

Optimized for intermediate to early-advanced players, Bluesology presents in-depth examinations of

the blues from a theoretical and harmonic perspective. Students are introduced to concepts in

in bite-size chunks and can then apply them over supporting practice rhythm tracks. TrueFire’s interactive video software accelerates the learning process with features like zoom, frame advance, looping, practice tracks, electronic charts and many other useful controls.

Bluesology is presented in 8 independent sections: Dominant Blues Progressions, Dominant Blues Solos 1, Dominant Blues Solos 2, Turnarounds, Minor Blues Progressions, Minor Blues Solos, Blues Techniques and Jazz Blues. Each section includes 20 full-length interactive video lessons, charts, practice rhythm tracks and text guides. An additional 100 practice blues rhythm tracks run in a separate application for instant access anytime during the course.

Bluesology is an intensive 8-month study program at TrueFire University. Realistically, it would take much longer to fully digest all of the material presented in the course. Bluesology’s practical intent however, is to provide the student with a comprehensive resource that they can work through at their own pace, cherry-picking sections and lessons as needed.

Comping and Soloing over 29 Dominant Blues Progressions – Comping and Soloing over 24 Minor Blues Progressions – Classic, Modern and Jazz Blues Chord Substitutions and Voicings – Fretboard Visualization and Navigation - Rhythmic Variations - Pedal Tones - Moving Voices – Constructing Alternate Voicings - Turnaround Construction and Theory - 25 Essential Turnarounds – Turnaround Harmonies - Descending and Ascending Turns - Octave Displacement - Gospel Moves - Turn Formulas and Substitutions – Scale and Chord Theory - Fretboard Visualization - Rhythmic Variations - Pedal Tones - Moving Voices – Register - Finger Picking - Hybrid Picking - Flat Picking – Transposition – Intonation - Relaxed String and Bent String Vibrato - Note Duplication on the Fingerboard - Minor Pentatonic Scale - Blues Scales - Upper and Lower Neighbors in Scales - Hammer-Ons - Pull-offs - Legato Slides - Melodic Patterns - Question and Answer phrasing - Finger Rolls (both ascending and descending) - Left and Right Hand Dampening - String Bending – Micro-tonal Bends - Pre-Bends - Chromatic Bends - Left and Right Hand Staccato - Marcato (extreme staccato) - Tips for Generating New Melodic Ideas - Chord Tones - Target Notes - Arpeggios (7, 7/6, 9, 13) - Modified Arpeggios (7 add b3, 7/6 add b3, 9 add b3, 13 add b3) – Chromatics - Approach Notes - Repetition Applied to Phrasing - Repetition Applied to Pitch Choice - Melodic Development - Rhythmic Development - Horizontal and Vertical Approaches - Looping - Bi-Chordal Practice Loops – Tone – Dynamics - Feel and Groove - Playing with Confidence - Voice Leading - Tritone (b5) Substitutions - Altered Dominants - Implied Scales - Whole-half Diminished Scales - Diminished 7 Arpeggios - Major Pentatonic - Blues Composite - Mixolydian Mode - Dorian Mode - Aeolian Mode - Lydian Mode - Melodic Minor - Super Locrian - Overtone/Lydian b7 - Harmonic Minor - Phrygian Dominant - Modified Scales - Double-stops - Triple-stops – Intervals – 125 Practice Rhythm Tracks

NOTE! Bluesology is not a "licks", "solos" or "style" course, rather Bluesology is an intensive study that drills down on the theoretical and harmonic building blocks that apply to all styles of electric blues guitar.

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