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Blues In A Day - Guitar Lessons
At one time, becoming a Delta blues guitarist had a lot of conditions. You had to come up in the Mississippi Delta from modest, sharecropper roots. You needed a catchy nickname that contained “Blind,” “Willie,” or “Junior.” Also, it didn’t hurt to be preceded by tales of shady deals down at the crossroads and juke-joint knife fights with angry husbands. Once all of that was covered, you still needed an expensive suit, a dapper hat and guitar chops that makes people sit up and take notice. While we can’t help you with a back-story, nickname or wardrobe, Blues in a Day helps aspiring guitarists develop the fundamental skills they'll need to start their journey to becoming a legendary blues picker.

Building logically on simple concepts that are delivered in short, easy-to-manage segments, Blues in a Day takes burgeoning blues mavens from tuning to 12-bar progressions in no time flat. Using familiar blues progressions, this course shows you the most common open chord combinations for blues rhythm playing. Blues in a Day Also covers various picking techniques, ranging from simple strumming to syncopated, alternating-bass fingerstyle riffs.

Bringing the blues to your computer is Rick Payne, an acoustic blues musician renowned for his mastery of Delta, Piedmont and ragtime styles in addition to being a wicked slide player. With a number of CDs under his belt, Rick has toured the US and Europe extensively and turned in numerous TV and radio performances in the UK and Europe.

In Blues in a Day, Rick begins with the basic foundation of the blues using I-IV-V progressions and a 12-bar format. Using this structure, you will learn 6th and 7th chord voicings and their effect on the tune’s feel. Rick then teaches you various strumming patterns to offer different grooves before moving on to simple single-note phrases based on pentatonic and blues scales. You will learn how to play shuffles, blues progressions in many different keys and authentic fingerstyle blues. Rick will also teach you how to incorporate bends, hammer-ons and pull-offs to add flavor to your solos. Rick then gives you the insight to take all of these individual techniques and brew up authentic, down-home blues that will have people convinced you grew up in the Delta.

If acoustic blues drew you to the guitar, Blues in a Day is a must-have study program. This course will give the beginner all of the tools needed to start playing authentic Delta blues music in no time.

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