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Channel: 50 Funk Guitar Licks

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50 Funk Guitar Licks - Guitar Lessons
Recording artist, stunt guitarist and TrueFire's Professor of the deep and unwieldy, Chris Buono presents another hand-picked collection of 50 Funk Guitar Licks You MUST Know. Buono’s handpicked range of phrases, concepts and techniques delivers a wide variety of classic, contemporary, and underground funk styles to help guide your development of the tools, techniques and vocabulary required to majorly power up your funk chops.

Chris' funk syllabi artfully covers an array of funk fundamentals including the use of the Dorian mode, syncopation with offbeat 16ths, 1/4-step bends, root position minor pentatonic licks and funky friendly intervals such as octaves, fourths and sixths. Across these 50 video guitar lessons, Buono also shows you how to mix in chromaticism, single string comping techniques, unison bends, staccato phrasing and use of repetition for maximum funk firepower.

50 Funk Guitar Licks You MUST Know pays much deserved homage to the guitar artists that laid down the very foundations of funk. You will learn how to play funk guitar in the style of James Brown alumni Jimmy Nolen/Phelps Collins/Alphonso Kellum, Funkadelic guitarists Michael Hampton/Gary Shider/Eddie Hazel, Freddie Stone (Sly & the Family Stone), Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire), Sugar Foot Bonner (Ohio Players), Leo Nocentelli (The Meters), Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers) and Nile Rodgers (Chic).

Chris then steps you through the styles of more contemporary players such as Prince, Vernon Reid (Living Colour), John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Ad-Rock (Beastie Boys) and even the funky sides of Steve Lukather and Joe Walsh. You complete your grad school of funk in the underground via Brian Dennis (Dag), Simon Katz and Gavin Dodds (Jamiroquai), Simon Bartholomew (The Brand New Heavies), Adam Rogers (Groove Collective) and David "Fuze" Fiuczynski (Screaming Headless Torsos).

Following the format of Buono's two other 50 Licks courses, 50 Rock Licks You Must Know and 50 Metal Licks You Must Know, the course includes standard notation, tab, Power Tab files and all of the practice rhythm tracks. Plus, the audio path in 50 Funk Licks You Must Know was recorded direct with a POD XT Live and all of the Tone files are included for you to load into your own unit if you're a POD owner (models and compatibility may vary).

Graduates of 50 Funk Guitar Licks You MUST Know, can be assured of three things; 1) your right hand chops will feed you for life; 2) your sense of rhythm and timing will heighten immensely; and 3) audiences will be unable to remain seated during your performances.

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