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Great rhythm guitar playing is the unsung hero of ALL popular music. We can all call out dozens of our favorite solos BUT it's the rhythm groove that gets our blood boiling and our feet moving. Can you imagine any AC/DC or Stones tune without Malcolm's or Keith's rhythm guitar part? From Rock to Blues to Pop, Country, Funk and everything in between; rhythm guitar is the lifeblood of all popular styles of music.

Why do we guitarists spend more time working on our soloing than our rhythm skills? Naturally, we need to have our soloing and improvisation together so that we can shine when we're in the spotlight BUT the truth is we'd be far more likely to get and keep the gigs if we played monster rhythm guitar.

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box artAsk any instructor and they'll tell you that students struggle more with their rhythm work than any other aspect of their playing. Ask any pro and they'll tell you that getting gigs and studio work is all about their rhythm chops. Ask any band looking to fill a guitar slot and they'll tell you it's the solid rhythm player they're more interested in, not the "lead guitar" pyrotechnician. Strong rhythm guitar skills "pay the bills" and clearly distinguishes the great players from the mediocre.

Nashville session player, singer-songwriter, educator and all around six-string maestro, Robbie Calvo is the musician's musician whose work is described as "flawless and inspired." Robbie has earned the respect of his peers as a "consummate guitarist" and his clinics and workshops are jammed with equal numbers of pros and students of guitar. Sweet Notes and SoloCraft, Calvo's first two TrueFire courses seem to be anchored at the top of TrueFire's charts as testimony to his popularity amongst intermediate, advanced and pro guitar players.

Robbie Calvo draws on his years of studio sessions in London and Nashville to bring you cool voicings, stylistic approaches and great overdub guitar parts for each of the musical styles in RhythmCraft. As Calvo examines each genre , he'll reveal its key progressions, must-know rhythms for the style, essential chord vocabulary and a tasty selection of stylized tricks of the trade.

RhythmCraft drills down deep on 45 rhythm guitar techniques across a wide variety of blues, rock, pop, funk and country stylings. You'll learn how to make simple chords sound more interesting by adding additional voices; how to take simple chords and invert them to add variety and movement; how slash chords work and why you should use them; how easy and powerful it can be to change bass notes under your chords; how to create great overdub and second guitarist parts for your band or song arrangements -- it's all here and more. Much more.

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Robbie Calvo

Robbie CalvoOne of the most popular TrueFire Educators, Robbie Calvo studied the art of decorative painting and design at the Hastings College of Arts and Technology receiving distinctions from the City & Guilds of London, England. Robbie also graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. Robbie has taugh guitar at the London Musicians Institute and in 1995 Robbie placed second in the "Guitarist Of The Year" finals at London's Wembley Arena. He also took first place in the Unisong international songwriting competition with his instrumental piece "Dark Horses." Robbie relocated to Nashville, TN in 1998, to pursue his songwriting career, writing and pitching songs by day from his 16th Avenue publishing office and playing live at the writers rounds by night.

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