Robbie Calvo's The Power of Five

There’s an infinite variety of music that can be played with just the 12 notes found in Western music. In fact, if you took just 8 of those notes, kept them within a single octave, used only three different types of note length (quarter, eighth and sixteenth for example), and arranged them in a single measure of music, there would be 79 billion different melodies possible!

So how is it possible that those 5-note pentatonic scales seem to produce so little when it comes to your solos and improvisations? The answer is really simple. Guitarists, more so than players of any other type of instrument, get locked in the so called ‘minor pentatonic box’ primarily because their orientation on the guitar started there — its home base for so many of us. That all ends today with Robbie Calvo’s Power of Five!

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Interactive Video Guitar Instruction

guitar courseRobbie’s Power Of Five’ approach is zen-like in its simplicity, yet its musical firepower is powerful, sophisticated and wide-ranging. In short, Robbie will show you how to break out of the minor Pentatonic box using the very same minor Pentatonic box —just playing it in a different location on the fretboard.

Follow Robbie’s Power of Five simple system to achieve stunning musical results over any progression without learning any new licks, shapes or muscle memory patterns. In fact, you’ll be able to use your same licks in these new locations on the fretboard to craft fresh-sounding lines over the same musical canvas.

In the introductory section of the course, Robbie explains and demonstrates how the Power of Five system works with four tutorials; Break The Box With The Box, Creative Note Distribution, Rhythmic Motif Development and Sweet Notes/Outlining the Changes.

In the first section of application studies, Robbie demonstrates the Power of Five system over one-chord vamps. Each Power of Five study features a performance example, a breakdown and then a playalong so you can put what you’ve just learned to work immediately.

The second section of the course focuses on chord progression studies. Again, Robbie will demonstrate the Power of Five application and follow it with a detailed breakdown and playalong.

In the third and final section of the course, Robbie steps you through Power of Five applications for all seven modes; Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and even Locrian. These studies in particular will yield an amazing array of new colors and textures that will immediately spice up your improvisations very impressively. Performances, breakdowns and playalongs are also included in this section.

The course includes all of the backing tracks that Robbie uses for the demonstrations and playalongs, as well as tab, notation and charts for all fo the demonstrations. One of the most important and powerful assets to this course is a reference chart that indicates all of the places on the fretboard to play your one shape for all of the musical situations covered in the course.

If you already know your minor pentatonic shape, then we can promise you immediate results with the Power of Five system — just learn where and when to move that single shape, and you are well on your way to crafting your own 79-billion melodic phrases!

About Your Instructor

Robbie Calvo

educatorNashville-based session player, songwriter, musical director and master educator Robbie Calvo has earned countless accolades and awards for his contributions and performances in Guitarist of the Year finals, songwriting competitions, PBS TV themes and ABC TV productions.

Calvo's pedigree as a musician is well established, however his passion for education and work as an educator has earned him international acclaim making him "one of the most sought-after instructors walking the planet today."

Thousands of amateur and pro students, from over 80 countries, have benefited from Calvo's workshops and published study programs. Calvo's interactive, hand-on learning systems impart knowledge and skills that can be applied to any style of music.

Calvo's most recent published works include his patented Sweet Notes approach to improvisation, RhythmCraft and companion SoloCraft systems for rhythm and soloing applications and Modal Expose for soloing over changes. All have earned spots on TrueFire's best-seller list.






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Intermediate - Advanced

Table of Contents

  1. SECTION 1: One Chord Vamp Studies
    - One Chord Type A7/A9/13
    - Applying The Box A7
    - Applying The Box A9/13
    - Jam Session A7/A9/13
    - Solo Application A7
    - One Chord Type Am7/11
    - Applying The Box Am7/11
    - Jam Session Am7/11
    - Solo Application Am7
    - One Chord Type Amaj7(#11)
    - Applying The Box Amaj7(#11)
    - Jam Session Amaj7(#11)
  2. SECTION 2: Chord Progression Studies
    - I - IV Progression Amaj9 - Dmaj9
    - Applying The Box Amaj9 - Dmaj9
    - Jam Session Amaj9 - Dmaj9
    - Solo Application Amaj9 - Dmaj9
    - A Dominant Blues A7 - D7 - E7
    - Applying The Box A7 - D7 - E7
    - Jam Session A7 - D7 - E7
    - A Minor Blues Am7 - Dm7 - F9 - E9
    - Applying The Box Am7 - Dm7 - F9 - E9
    - Jam Session Am7 - Dm7 - F9 - E9
    - Alt Dom Funk E7(#9/b9) - Am7 - Dm7
    - Applying The Box E7(#9/b9) - Am7 - Dm7
    - Jam Session E7(#9/b9) - Am7 - Dm7
    - Rock/Pop Dm7 - Fmaj7 - Gm7
    - Applying The Box Dm7 - Fmaj7 - Gm7
    - Jam Session Dm7 - Fmaj7 - Gm7
  3. SECTION 3: Modal Progression Studies
    - Ionian Mode Amaj - Dmaj7 - C#m7 - Bm7
    - Applying The Box Amaj - Dmaj7 - C#m7 - Bm7
    - Jam Session Amaj - Dmaj7 - C#m7 - Bm7
    - Dorian Mode Bm7 - E - D - A
    - Applying The Box Bm7 - E - D - A
    - Jam Session Bm7 - E - D - A
    - Phrygian Mode C#m7 - F#m7 - E/F#
    - Applying The Box C#m7 - F#m7 - E/F#
    - Jam Session C#m7 - F#m7 - E/F#
    - Lydian Mode Dmaj7 - C#m7(b13)
    - Applying The Box Dmaj7 - C#m7(b13)
    - Jam Session Dmaj7 - C#m7(b13)
    - Mixolydian Mode E7 - F#m7sus - F#m7
    - Applying The Box E7 - F#m7sus - F#m7
    - Jam Session E7 - F#m7sus - F#m7
    - Aeolian Mode F#m7 - C#m7 - B5 - E5
    - Applying The Box F#m7 - C#m7 - B5 - E5
    - Jam Session F#m7 - C#m7 - B5 - E5
    - Locrian Mode G#m7(b5) - E7
    - Applying The Box G#m7(b5) - E7
    - Jam Session G#m7(b5) - E7
  4. Bonus: Robbie's Gear

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