Frank Vignola's Modern Method
Modern Method is far more than a guitar course--as the name implies, it's a completely modern new method for playing the guitar.

Although Modern Method has been created by one of the great jazz guitarists of our time, the techniques Frank Vignola shares here are highly applicable to any style of guitar playing. The principles and concepts work as well for rock and metal as they do for the most complex jazz.

If you are already a fan of Vignola's other courses for TrueFire, studying his Modern Method will connect all the dots for you. Vignola shares the techniques and exercises he has refined over 10 years of teaching private lessons. He also lets you in on how he develops and maintains his staggering technique, and shows you how to build yours. Vignola also discusses his music philosophy as it applies to the art of improvisation--which is at the core of his method.

Prepare for a series of lessons and flowing jam sessions with a master that will engage and inspire. You'll emerge on the other side with a profound new understanding of your instrument that will blast your playing to new heights.


Interactive Playalong Video Guitar Instruction

Modern MethodFrank Vignola is no slouch and you won't be either by the time you are finished with Modern Method. To say these guitar lessons are thorough is an understatement, yet Vignola has created super-engaging jam tracks that get you turning technique into music from the get-go. He's also recorded a series of "play-along" tracks that will enable you to literally jam with him -- he plays a section and then gives you space to respond. Cool!

Modern MethodExpect to play every major scale vertically and horizontally, in all 12 keys. Expect to cover the minor tonalities -- natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor and dorian, for example. You'll also explore dominant tonalities from super locrian to diminished, and discover how they all relate to the dominant chord. He also teaches you over 100 ways to play arpeggios, horizontally and vertically, and provides picking techniques and finger control exercises to make it all begin to flow more easily.

Vignola's Modern Method also includes the entire Inversion Excursion e-Book featuring 62 sets of inversions, across all chord types and all string groups - 800 PDF pages of charts illustrate all 62 sets, in all 12 keys (see example chart) providing a handy reference for over 2,500 Root, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion and 3rd inversion chords.

Harmony is covered in depth as Vignola guides you through exploring intervals as they relate to each of the 12 scales. Learn to harmonize in thirds, seconds, fourths and to harmonize melodies, and apply chord voicings to chord melodies. Plenty of charts are provided so you can see what you're learning visually, as well, and have easy access to clear references.

In addition, you'll learn all the common chord progressions you need to play most songs, and you will spend a lot of time improvising over these progressions and interacting directly with Vignola via video.

TrueFire's interactive video software accelerates the learning process with handy controls for zooming in and looping, plus tab, notation, and Power Tab files, an integrated tuner, a metronome, rhythm tracks and more.

110 Video Segments & Play Alongs
Modern Method for Guitar - Introduction
Chapter 1: The Fretboard - Segment 1: Overview
Horizontal Chromatic Scales - Segment 2: Instruction
Horizontal Chromatic Scales - Segment 3: Play-along 1
Horizontal Chromatic Scales - Segment 4: Play-along 2
Vertical Chromatic Scales - Segment 5: Instruction
Vertical Chromatic Scales - Segment 6: Play-along 1
Vertical Chromatic Scales - Segment 7: Play-along 2
Chapter 2: The Major Scale - Segment 8: Overview
The Cycle of 4ths (and 5ths) - Segment 9: Instruction
The Vertical C Major Scale - Segment 10: Instruction
The Horizontal C Major Scale - Segment 11: Instruction
Vertical Major Scales - Segment 12: Play-along 1
Horizontal Major Scales - Segment 13: Play-along 2
100+ C Major Scales - Segment 14: Instruction
Chapter 3: 3-Note Arpeggios - Segment 15: Overview
Vertical 3-Note Arpeggios - Segment 16: Instruction
Vertical 3-Note Arpeggios - Segment 17: Play-along 1
Horizontal 3-Note Arpeggios - Segment 18: Play-along 1
Horizontal 3-Note Arpeggios - Segment 19: Play-along 2
Horizontal 3-Note Arpeggios - Segment 20: Play-along 3
Horizontal 3-Note Arpeggios - Segment 21: Play-along 4
Chapter 4: Minor Scales - Segment 22: Overview
Horiz. & Vertical Minor Scales - Segment 23: Instruction
Natural Minor Play-along - Segment 24: Play-along 1
Harmonic Minor Play-along - Segment 25: Play-along 2
Melodic Minor Play-along - Segment 26: Play-along 3
5: 3 Note Minor Arpeggios - Segment 27: Overview
3 Note Minor Arpeggios - Segment 28: Play-along 1
6: 4 Note Chords & Arps - Segment 29: Overview
Major 7 Play-along - Segment 30: Play-along
Learn them all! It’s up to You! - Segment 31: Instruction
7: Horiz. & Vert. Arpeggios - Segment 32: Overview
Making a Rhythm Track - Segment 33: Instruction
C Major 7th Play-along - Segment 34: Play-along
8: Harmonizing Major Scales - Segment 35: Overview
Intervals: 2nds - Segment 36: Instruction
Intervals: 3rd - Segment 37: Instruction
Intervals: 4ths - Segment 38: Instruction
Intervals: 5ths - Segment 39: Instruction
Intervals: 6ths - Segment 40: Instruction
Intervals: 7ths - Segment 41: Instruction
Intervals Play-along - Segment 42: Play-along
Chapter 9: Playing Melodies - Segment 43: Overview
10: Harmonizing Melodies - Segment 44: Overview
First Part: The Melody - Segment 45: Instruction
Second Part: The 3rd Above - Segment 46: Instruction
Third Part: The 3rd Below - Segment 47: Instruction
11: Triads and Inversions - Segment 48: Overview
Chapter 12: Harmonizing Scales with Triads - Segment 49: Overview
Learning and Practicing Triad Inversions - Segment 50: Instruction
Triad Inversions - Segment 51: Play-along
Harmonizing a Melody with Triad Inversions - Segment 52: Instruction
Chapter 13: Harmonizing a Scale with 4-Note Chords - Segment 53: Overview
Learning and Practicing Harmonizing Scales - Segment 54: Instruction
Harmonizing Scales - Segment 55: Play-along
Harmonizing a Melody with 4-Note Chords - Segment 56: Instruction
Chapter 14: Modes - Segment 57: Overview
15: Chord Progressions - Segment 58: Overview
Learning Chord Progressions: The ii-V-I and ii-V - Segment 59: Instruction
Learning Chord Progressions: The I-IV and I-IV-V - Segment 60: Instruction
Learning Chord Progressions: The I-vi-ii-V - Segment 61: Instruction
16: Chord Melody Techniques - Segment 62: Overview
Chord Melody Techniques - Segment 63: Play-along
Chapter 17: Harmonizing Scales with Three Notes - Segment 64: Overview
Chapter 18: Voice Leading - Segment 65: Overview
Voice Leading Exercise 1 - Segment 66: Instruction
Voice Leading Exercise 2 - Segment 67: Instruction
Voice Leading Exercise 3 - Segment 68: Instruction
Voice Leading Example - Segment 69: Instruction
Chapter 19: Finger Control - Segment 70: Overview
20: Picking & Tremelo - Segment 71: Overview
Chapter 21: Improvisation - Segment 72: Overview
Major Tonality - Segment 73: Instruction
Major Improv. Example - Segment 74: Instruction
Major Improv Play-along - Segment 75: Play-along
Minor Tonality - Segment 76: Instruction
Minor Improv. Example - Segment 77: Instruction
Minor Improv. Play-along - Segment 78: Play-along
Dominant Tonality - Segment 79: Instruction
Dominant Example - Segment 80: Instruction
Dominant Play-along - Segment 81: Play-along
Extended Dominant Example - Segment 82: Instruction
Ext. Dominant Play-along - Segment 83: Play-along
Major-Minor Pentatonic Scales - Segment 84: Instruction
Major Pentatonic Example - Segment 85: Instruction
Major Pentatonic Play-along - Segment 86: Play-along
Minor Pentatonic Example - Segment 87: Instruction
Minor Pentatonic Play-along - Segment 88: Play-along
Flat 9 Minor Tonality - Segment 89: Instruction
Flat 9 Minor Tonality - Segment 90: Play-along
Flat 9 Major Tonality - Segment 91: Instruction
Flat 9 Major Tonality - Segment 92: Play-along
Diminished Tonality - Segment 93: Instruction
Diminished Tonality - Segment 94: Play-along
Dim. Over Dominant Tonality - Segment 95: Instruction
Dim. Over Dominant Tonality - Segment 96: Play-along
Augmented Whole Tone - Segment 97: Instruction
Whole Tone Tonality - Segment 98: Play-along
Super Locrian Tonality - Segment 99: Instruction
Super Locrian Tonality - Segment 100: Play-along
I-IV-V-I Progression - Segment 101: Instruction
I-IV-V-I Progression - Segment 102: Play-along
ii-V Progression - Segment 103: Instruction
ii-V Progression Play-along - Segment 104: Play-along
ii-V-I Progression - Segment 105: Instruction
ii-V-I Progression Play-along - Segment 106: Play-along
ii-V-i Progression - Segment 107: Instruction
ii-V-i Progression Play-along - Segment 108: Play-along
I-vi-ii-V Progression - Segment 109: Instruction
I-vi-ii-V Play-along - Segment 110: Play-along

Frank Vignola

"One of the brightest guitar stars" - NY Times
"Jaw-dropping technique" - Washington Post
"One of Les Paul's favorite guitarists" - BOS Globe

Frank VignolaThese are just a few of the accolades for guitarist Frank Vignola. His wide-ranging virtuosity has made him the guitarist of choice for the world's top musicians, including Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, the Boston Pops, the New York Pops, and Les Paul, who named Vignola to his "Five Most Admired Guitarists" list for the Wall Street Journal.

Early on, Vignola studied with such greats as Joe Pass and Gene Bertoncini and Howard Alden, but he's far from a jazz snob. Vignola has never listened to jazz exclusively and admires guitarists ranging from Django and Les Paul to Frank Zappa and Eddie Van Halen.

These open ears and versatility led to Vignola spending the 1980s recording and touring with the likes of Madonna, Leon Redbone, and Ringo Starr, while also leading his famed Django tribute band Hot Club of France.

In 1993, Vignola signed to Concord Jazz and recorded a series of critically acclaimed albums for Concord and also for Telarc, as co-leader of the group Travelin' Light.

By the early 2000s Vignola was recording solo guitar works for Acoustic Disc and performing regularly with Les Paul. Vignola also played on major label albums from Donald Fagen, Queen Latifah, Mark O' Connor and Wynton Marsalis.

More recently, Vignola recorded Just Between Frets with Tommy Emmanuel on Solid Air Records and Frank-N-Dawg, Melody Monsters with mandolinist David Grisman on Acoustic Disc Records.

Vignola has also found time to write 18 guitar instruction books for Mel Bay Publications and record 6 TrueFire courses. He has performed hundreds of clinics and master classes at major universities and colleges.

Can you believe you have this guy all to yourself through the magic of video? Enjoy!

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"To say these guitar lessons are thorough is an understate- ment, yet Vignola has created super-engaging jam tracks that get you turning technique into music from the get-go."

















"Modern Method is more than just a guitar course--it's a completely new modern method for playing the guitar."

















"If you are already a fan of Vignola's other courses for TrueFire, studying his Modern Method will connect all the dots for you."


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