Stuck in that rut again? Tired of playing those same old lines and melodies? No worries, we've got a solid fix for you - intervals.  Interval Insights to be precise.

Intervals are not only the basic building blocks of music, they also comprise an ideal palette of textures for coloring up your rhythm work, solos and compositions.  Using familiar styles as a showcase for each interval, we'll show you quick, and very cool ways to put them to use in your own playing. Intervals Insights is a hands-on playing course that yields immediate results without a lot of tedious theory and exercises.

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Whatever your preferred style, this course will enlighten your understanding of how, why and when to choose a particular interval to flavor your comping, solos and melodies. Once your ear is trained and tuned, you'll quickly begin recognizing and anticipating specific intervals during improvisations and song development.

The brilliance of Interval Insights stems from the truly gifted player and educator Charles Chapman. Chapman toured the world with jazz luminaries, authored  hundreds of articles and books, was director and jazz professor at Berklee College for many years and is a legend among pros and students alike. Top instructor and author Rich Maloof, will perform the video examples and guide you through Interval Insights.

Rather than getting bogged down in theory, Interval Insights fast-tracks the good stuff. Our video lessons feature solos and rhythm parts in the style of guitar greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, John Scofield, and many others.

You can decide just how deep you want your personal "insight" to go. At the first level, you'll get some cool licks to use as fills and solo breaks. Go a little deeper, and you'll see how the concepts pay off big time for your songwriting, improvising and group playing. Dig into the etudes and exercises — a deep reservoir of true knuckle-busters — and start building some seriously scary chops.

Interval Insights is presented on a single video CD-ROM (Windows and Mac compatible), features 20 full-length video lessons, text overviews, practice tracks, and interactive Power Tab. TrueFire's video player features zoom, frame advance, looping and other instructional functions, all of which accelerate the learning process.

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- 70 Minutes
- Practice Rhythm Tracks
- Text Commentary
- Tab and Notation
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