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Mastering the fingerboard is an enormous task that naturally takes many years of study and practice. There are many systems and approaches available to students of the guitar but the one system that seems to appeal to the widest variety of students is the CAGED system.

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The CAGED system is an efficient way to break a 12-fret span (one octave) of the fingerboard into five areas, each of which have their own major chord form, arpeggio and major pentatonic scale form. The companion EDCAG system functions similarly for minor chords. Both of these systems are covered in great depth in Brad Carlton's CAGED Cracked, one of TrueFire's most popular study programs. Carlton also recently released CAGED Dominant, which maps out the Dominant chord system accordingly.

This new CAGED Comping study program from Brad Carlton goes deep into applications of the CAGED and EDCAG systems for comping and rhythm work. Carlton covers the ubiquitous I IV V progression, in all five areas of the fingerboard, using the major chord forms of the CAGED system. This will easily quintuple your possibilities for comps and fills in virtually all styles of music ranging from rock and blues to jazz and an endless variety of popular music.

Carlton also covers five forms of the minor chord and all of their associated arpeggios in the following minor chord progression: A minor, E minor, D minor. You'll work through two- and four-chord vamps and progressions utilizing different forms in the same or adjacent positions on the neck. Brad covers chord forms, arpeggios, pentatonic scales and the modes.

The following two- and four-chord vamps and progressions are covered in CAGED Comping:
CAGED Comping  
I IV: Area 1 IV V: Area 1
I IV: Area 2 IV V: Area 2
I IV: Area 3 IV V: Area 3
I IV: Area 4 IV V: Area 4
I IV: Area 5 IV V: Area 5
I V: Area 1 I IV V: Area 1
I V: Area 2 I IV V: Area 2
I V: Area 3 I IV V: Area 3
I V: Area 4 I IV V: Area 4
I V: Area 5 I IV V: Area 5


EDCAG Comping  
i iv: Area 1 v iv: Area 1
i iv: Area 2 v iv: Area 2
i iv: Area 3 v iv: Area 3
i iv: Area 4 v iv: Area 4
i iv: Area 5 v iv: Area 5
i v: Area 1 i v iv v: Area 1
i v: Area 2 i v iv v: Area 2
i v: Area 3 i v iv v: Area 3
i v: Area 4 i v iv v: Area 4
i v: Area 5 i v iv v: Area 5

If you, like most intermediate to early advanced players, find that your bag of chord voicings and fills comes up short a little too often, CAGED Comping will remedy that immediately. Better yet, learning how to see and grip chords in virtually any position of the fretboard will also open up endless possibilities for soloing, improvisation and composition thus bringing you close to the fingerboard mastery we all seek.  

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