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How TrueFire TV Works

Get Acquainted with TrueFire TV
The thousands of video guitar lessons on TrueFire TV are a powerful tool for learning the guitar. At the same time, you need a good way to sort through them all and find what you're looking for. That's why everything on TrueFire TV is organized into a hierarchy of channels, sub-channels and videos.

Anatomy of TrueFire TV
The channel menu (1) combined with the TrueFire TV Guide and the powerful Search Tool (3), make it easy for you to browse TrueFire TV and find exactly what you want. The icons (2) in the channel menu are what distinguish videos from channels. 

Take note: Clicking on the "back" button will take you back to the previous channel, while clicking on the "main" button will take you to the main channel of TrueFire TV.

The TrueFire TV Guide
The TrueFire TV Guide is a very helpful way to navigate TrueFire TV at a glance. Simply click the "TrueFire TV Guide" button and you will be taken to an in depth directory of the channels and videos.


Learn How To Use the Video Player
The video player on TrueFire TV is your direct portal to learning guitar. From there you can watch thousands of streaming video guitar lessons with tons of playback options like looping, fast forward, rewind and full screen - all designed to help you learn at your own pace.

Access the Additional Lesson Assets
When you select a TrueFire video guitar lesson there are almost always additional lesson assets that support or accompany the lesson material. Often times what you'll find are printable PDF charts, a Power Tab file and a downloadable practice rhythm track - all of which can be easily accessed at the click of a button. Important: Keep in mind that not all of the video guitar lessons on TrueFire have additional lesson assets, so if you click on a lesson and you do not see the option for lesson assets, it is because they are not available for that particular video lesson.

Lesson Descriptions
Accompanying every lesson on TrueFire TV is an explanation or additional information about what that particular video lesson is covering. We call them "lesson descriptions." The lesson descriptions also provide you with the channel title, the video title, the lesson assets and a direct link to that video lesson on TrueFire TV so you can get back to it any time with a simple copy and paste maneuver.


Direct Links
Also located in the Lesson Descriptions are Direct Links. These links are the full URL addresses of a corresponding video on TrueFire TV - to utilize a Direct Link, you simply copy and paste the link for later use. If you paste the Direct Link into your web browser, you will be directly taken to the corresponding video on TrueFire TV. 

Direct Links are a great way to keep track of or share your favorite videos in addition to the Playlist and Share features.

Power Tab
Power Tab is a tablature authoring tool which uses MIDI tracks so you can see and hear tablature scores play out alongside their corresponding musical notation. Some of Power Tab's most notable features are its looping system and a tempo control that allows you to speed up or slow down a particular passage without changing the pitch. If you're so inclined, Power Tab charts can also be printed out and used as standard charts. Power Tab is totally free and available for download on TrueFire courses.  

Helpful Guides for Power Tab
Music Bars
Tempo Markers

Important: We've got nothing but love for you Mac users, but Power Tab is a Windows based freeware and will not work on Macintosh computers. If you are a Mac user, we suggest you use Guitar Pro to open Power Tab files. You can find more information about Guitar Pro here. 

Downloading Power Tab Files
Downloading a Power Tab file from TrueFire TV is easy, just click on the "P-TAB" link found in the additional lesson assets and Save the file to your computer.

PDF Charts
Simple and convenient, the PDF Charts can be printed out so you can work out passages the more traditional way. It is important to note that while you can also print out Power Tab charts, the PDF Charts that come with TrueFire lessons sometimes contain additional information that's not available in the associated Power Tab file so, it's good to always check.

Downloading PDF Charts
Downloading a PDF Chart from TrueFire TV is easy, just click on the "CHART" link found in the additional lesson assets and Save the file to your computer.

Practice Rhythm Tracks
Practice Rhythm Tracks are downloadable MP3 files of the backing tracks that you hear in any particular TrueFire video guitar lesson. The backing tracks will almost always consist solely of the rhythm section (i.e. drums and bass), but sometimes there will be a rhythm guitar or other instrument as well. We encourage you to download the Practice Rhythm Tracks and create a playlist to jam along to when you're not working with a lesson - you know practice smart, play hard...  

Downloading Practice Rhythm Tracks
Downloading a Practice Rhythm Track from TrueFire TV is easy, just click on the "JAM" link found in the additional lesson assets and Save the file to your computer.

Become Active in the TrueFire TV Community
Part of what makes TrueFire such a powerful tool for learning the guitar is its vibrant and helpful community of members. There are a variety of ways you can benefit from and contribute to the TrueFire Community on TrueFire TV. Creating your own playlist is a valuable tool for developing a personal guitar lesson regimen, whereas sharing videos, leaving comments and rating videos helps spread ideas and opinions.

Creating a Playlist
Playlists are a great way to keep track of your favorite videos on TrueFire TV and to build a personalized practice regimen for your practice sessions. From video guitar lessons to clinics to performances, you can build your own personal library of inspiration.


Add a video to your playlist: simply click the "Playlist" tab located beneath the video player. When you click the "Add To Playlist" button, whichever video you are currently watching will be added to your playlist.
Watch the videos in your playlist: simply click on your listed video of choice and it will automatically appear in the video player.
Remove a video from your playlist: simply click the corresponding "delete" button located next to each of your playlist's videos.

Posting a Comment
Commenting on videos and reading other viewer's comments is a helpful way to share and exchange ideas about the content on TrueFire TV.

To leave a comment, simply click the comment's tab below the video player, then click "Add Comment" if you want to speak your mind. Just remember, don't be afraid to speak the truth, but keep it above the belt! Important: You must be logged in to post comments on TrueFire TV.

Sharing Videos
If you're watching a particularly good video on TrueFire TV and you feel compelled to show it to the world, by all means, please do!

The "Share" tab is located just below the video player. When you click on it, an email form will appear prompting you to enter your email address and your recipient's email address. When you click "Send" an email will be sent to your recipient containing a link to your chosen video. TIP: Don't worry, your information is safe with us, we don't keep or share your friend's email address.

Thank you for becoming a member of TrueFire! Below is a guide to help you familiarize yourself with TrueFire TV so you can maximize your experience and enjoy all of the benefits and features available to you as a member. If you have any questions you can always shout out to info@truefire.com

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