Jennifer Batten's Rock Sauce for Lead Guitar

Rock guitarists play rhythm 95% of the time, and we certainly don’t get to solo as much as we’d like to, but when we do — game on! And the game today requires a deep bag of techniques and a wide palette of colors to call on during those few moments of bliss up front and center, under the spotlight.

Few guitarists have deeper bags, wider palettes, and more experience under the spotlight than Jennifer Batten, who has played on Michael Jackson's Bad, Dangerous and History world tours as well as a three-year stint touring in Jeff Beck's band. Jennifer is also the consummate educator and she’s back on the TrueFire stage, up front and center, with Rock Sauce for Lead Guitar.

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About the Guitar Lesson Plan

Interactive Video Guitar Instruction

guitar courseJennifer organized the Rock Sauce: Lead Guitar curriculum into two sections. In the first section, Jennifer presents 20 lead guitar concepts and techniques that underpin her signature approach and style. In the first section, Jennifer presents Pentatonic & Blues Scales, Dorian & Aeolian Modes, Mixolydian & Dominant, Owning Melodies, Studying Other Players, Conversational Phrasing, Adding To Your Trick Bag, Tonal Variety, The Art of Listening, Effects Processors & Pedals, Hand Slaps & Slides, Sonic Exclamation, Bending Notes, Harmonic Octave Tapping, Tapping Basics, Exploring Tapping Further, Natural Harmonic Melodies, Tremolo Sauce, Intervallic Jumps and Sweep Picking.

In the second section, Jennifer demonstrates all 20 of the concepts and techniques across a diverse series of 17 lead guitar studies. For each study, Jennifer first overviews the concepts and techniques that will be employed over the rhythm track and then performs a solo over that rhythm tracks, which is designed to showcase those particular concepts and techniques in a real world musical context.

After the performance examples, Jennifer breaks the solos down technique-by-technique, part-by-part. Using Jennifer’s breakdowns, along with the supplied tab and notation, you’ll learn the solos as performed and can play them along with Jennifer at tempo. Next step is playing the solos by yourself over the supplied rhythm tracks. The final step, and the mission of this learning experience, is to integrate those concepts and techniques into your own solos and improvisations.

The 17 lead guitar studies cover a wide variety of tempos, keys and rock feels and all focus on one or more of the essential concepts and techniques: Sweeping Sauce, Tremolodic Bends, Between The Thirds, Bluesy Double Stops, Legato Stretches, Harmonic Melodic, Natural Harmonic Sauce, Nastophonics, Power Trem, Skip To My Intervals, Chromatic Automatic, Bluesy Mixo, Tap Quest, Tropical Combo Sauce, Alternate Picked Pedal Trip and Whammy Kick.

The stage is yours. Game on!

About Your Instructor

Jennifer Batten

educatorThe buzz on Jennifer Batten rose from the guitar underground, and the guitar magazines promptly began chronicling her savvy musicianship and highly original approach to the electric guitar in print.

At one point Batten was in 6 different bands, playing everything from straight ahead rock, to metal,fusion, and funk. A major turning point came when she was selected from over one hundred guitarists to play in Michael Jackson's highly skilled band which toured the world for one and a half years playing for over four and a half million people. Jennifer wasted no time after the” Bad” Tour's grand finale, diving into work on her own album with renown producer (and Stevie Wonder guitarist) Michael Sembello. The stunning results can be heard on “Above, Below, and Beyond”, the title appropriately describing the interesting diversity within. With this debut release, the world at large learned what all the excitement was about.

Shortly after the record's release in the spring of '92, she was asked again to join Michael Jackson for his upcoming "Dangerous Tour". In January '93, she joined Jackson to partake in Superbowl XXVII's half time entertainment which aired to one and half billion people in 80 nations. It was the largest audience in television history.

She completed her second solo record "Jennifer Batten's Tribal Rage~Momentum," just before she was again asked to join Michael Jackson for his 2 year world tour supporting his double album "HIStory" in 1997.

Jennifer's Tribal Rage project took a much different direction than her first record and is heavily influenced by world music. It is a hybrid of rock and very exotic sounds, including African percussion, Australian didgeridoo, Caribbean steel drums and Scottish bag pipes.

In the spring of 98 Jeff Beck asked Jennifer to join his band. They joined forces for 3 years on the CD’s "Who Else", and “You Had It Coming” which were both supported by world tours.

Other guest appearances include CD's with Carmine Appice, Michael Sembello, Carl Anderson, Carina Alfie and several rock tributes.

Jennifer has authored two music books and has just released her third solo CD/DVD entitled “Whatever”. With this 3rd effort, she’s ventured into electronica, vocal samples, and film. She’s supporting this release with a multimedia one woman show, playing guitar in synch with films projected onto a giant screen. The companion DVD includes over 90 min of art films, previously unreleased music videos, interviews, commentary, and an innovative guitar lesson.

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Intermediate - Advanced

Table of Contents

  1. SECTION 1: Lead Concepts
    - Pentatonic & Blues Scales
    - Dorian & Aeolian Modes
    - Mixolydian & Dominant
    - Owning Melodies
    - Studying Other Players
    - Conversational Phrasing
    - Adding To Your Trick Bag
    - Tonal Variety
    - The Art of Listening
    - Effects Processors & Pedals
    - 1Hand Slaps & Slides
    - Sonic Exclamation
    - Bending Notes
    - Harmonic Octave Tapping
    - Tapping Basics
    - Exploring Tapping Further
    - Natural Harmonic Melodies
    - Tremolo Sauce
    - Intervallic Jumps
    - Sweep Picking
  2. SECTION 2: Lead Studies
    - Sweeping Sauce
    - Tremolodic Bends
    - Between The Thirds
    - Bluesy Double Stops
    - Legato Stretches
    - Melodic Harmonics
    - Natural Harmonics Salsa
    - Nastophonics
    - Emoto-Trem
    - Skip To My Intervals
    - Chromatic Spackle
    - Mixobluesian
    - Tap Quest
    - Tropical Combo Sauce
    - Alternate Picked Pedal Trip
    - Whammy Foot

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