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Pre Order TrueFire Courses

TrueFire Students are always asking us about when particular courses will be launching, and we heard you loud and clear. Now you can see a list of upcoming courses and even pre-order them so you can be the first to get the course when it goes live (you will be notified via email).

Now Available for Pre-Order!

Ordering more than one? Use promo code "PREORDER10" to save an *extra 10% off all upcoming courses at once! * TrueFire Cash & Student Discounts may also be applied for savings up to 40% off.

Coming Soon!

The following courses will be available for pre-order soon. Please keep in mind all is subject to change!

  • Power Phrasing by Robbie Calvo - ETA: November 2014
  • Rockabilly Survival Guide: Lead by Jason Loughlin - ETA: November 2014
  • Guitar 201: Breakthroughs by Rich Maloof - ETA: December 2014
  • The Guitarist's Pentathlon by Rob Garland - ETA: December 2014
  • Jam Night Vol. 2 by Andy Aledort - ETA: December 2014
  • Focus On: Travis Picking by Jason Loughlin - ETA: December 2014
  • Blues Grit by Kelly Richey - ETA: December 2014
  • Fretboard Phenom by Tom Dempsey - ETA: December 2014
  • Hands On Guitar: Beyond Beginner by Susan Mazer - ETA: January 2015
  • Gaga for Raga by Fareed Haque - ETA: January 2015
  • 50 Ultra-Intervallic Licks by Jennifer Batten - ETA: January 2015
  • Focus On: Standard Tuning Slide by David Hamburger - ETA: January 2015
  • Focus On: British Blues by Jeff McErlain - ETA: February 2015
  • Essentials: Solo Electric Blues by Jeff McErlain - ETA: February 2015
  • Stu U: Solo Bass by Stu Hamm - ETA: February 2015
  • Focus On: Reggae Bass by Andrew Ford - ETA: February 2015
  • Essentials: Walking Bass Lines by Andrew Ford - ETA: March 2015
  • Focus On: British Metal by Angus Clark - ETA: March 2015

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