Mark Stefani

Interactive Video
. Chord Melody Cafe (Disc + Download)
. Chord Melody Cafe (Instant Download)
. Jazzed Blues (Disc + Download)
. Jazzed Blues (Instant Download)
. Jazzed Blues Assembly Lines (Disc + Download)
. Jazzed Blues Assembly Lines (Instant Download)

Interactive Audio
. All Blues (Jam Track)
. Back At The Chicken Shack (Jam Track)
. Benson's Rider (Jam Track)
. Bessies Blues (Jam Track)
. Billies Bounce (Jam Track)
. Bird Magic - Parker's Outside Moves
. Black Magic Woman (Jam Track)
. Blending Your Influences
. Blue Benson: Part One
. Blues For Don
. Blues For Hank
. Blues For Mister Ed
. Blues In The Closet (Jam Track)
. Blues Sax On Guitar
. Blues Scales And Tips
. Blues Tribute To Miles
. Blues Tricks: Part One
. Boogie Woogie Shuffle
. Born Under A Bad Sign (Jam Track)
. Bus Stop Blues
. C Jam Blues (Jam Track)
. Chain Of Blues: Part One
. Cheap Blues Tricks
. Chitlins Con Carne (Jam Track)
. Chop City: Two Fives
. Classic Blues Walks
. Classic Double Stops
. Clockwise (Jam Track)
. Coach's Corner - Your Technique
. Coming Home Baby (Jam Track)
. Cool Chord Moves
. Crosscut Saw (Jam Track)
. Crossroads (Jam Track)
. Deja Blous (for Henry Johnson)
. Diatonic Chord Scales
. Don't Bust Your Chops
. Doobie Doobie Blues (Jam Track)
. Easy Endings
. Evil Ways (Jam Track)
. EZ Guitar Shuffle
. Fingerstyle Tricks
. Footprints (Jam Track)
. Freddie Freeloader (Jam Track)
. Freight Train (Jam Track)
. Giblet Gravy (Jam Track)
. Green Onions (Jam Track)
. Greensleeves (ala Kenny)
. Groovy Blues
. Jazzy Guitar Intros
. Just Set Your Sail
. Kansas City (Jam Track)
. KC Blues (Jam Track)
. Key To The Highway (Jam Track)
. Lagrima (Tears)
. Latin Guitar Vamps
. Love Beyond Measure
. Made For Suede
. Major Blues Sounds
. Midnight Creeper (Jam Track)
. Minor Moods
. Minor Walkin' On Guitar
. Mister PC (Jam Track)
. Money Blues Riffs
. Moondance (Jam Track)
. More Latin Vamps
. Muscle Mania - Killer Slurs
. Muscle Up: Part One
. Mustang Sally (Jam Track)
. My Masquerade
. Not So Easy Endings
. Oh Pretty Woman (Jam Track)
. On Broadway (Jam Track)
. On The Move
. One For The Money
. One For The Money - Solo: Part One
. Oscar To Wes: Two-Fives
. Percussive Pop
. Red House (Jam Track)
. Red House Solo
. Riffer Madness Part One
. Sack O Woe (Jam Track)
. Safe Sax For Guitar
. Shake Your Money Maker (Jam Track)
. So Excited (Jam Track)
. So To Speak
. Spontaneous Combustion
. Stormy Monday (Jam Track)
. Summertime (Jam Track)
. Sweet Alice Blues
. Talk Is Cheap
. Tenor Madness (Jam Track)
. The Country Shuffle
. The Flintstones
. The Thrill Is Gone (Jam Track)
. Them Changes (Jam Track)
. Thing's Ain't What....
. Things Ain't What (Jam Track)
. Three-Way Connection
. Unit Seven (Jam Track)
. Walk This Way
. Walking Bass Part One
. Walking Bass Part Two
. Watermelon Man (Jam Track)
. West Coast Blues (Jam Track)

Original Music
. Everything Happens For A Reason


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