Michael Stone

The Audio Lesson(s) to the left is authored by the artist/educator that you selected. This artist/educator is one of the founding contributors of TrueFire’s library. Before digging in to the lesson, please read the following background and instructions.


Once upon a time, long before the age of the Internet, TrueFire produced several thousand interactive audio guitar lessons with hundreds of the world’s top educators and artists. Working with publishers of guitar magazines, TrueFire (then known as Notes On Call) would produce audio version of the lessons that appeared in their print publications.

The lessons were available over on 800 number, where the reader could call in, enter a code number for the lesson, and then hear the author demonstrating how the examples were supposed to sound when played properly. Readers used the keypad of their touch-tone telephones to rewind, fast forward, pause and otherwise control the playback of the audio lesson. All that was very cool back in the early nineties and thousands of players were dialing in for daily doses of instruction.

Ultimately those audio lessons were digitized for play online and then of course, TrueFire embraced online and digital video as the most effective means to present educational content. However, this massive library of audio lessons is as relevant today as it was back in 1991 thanks largely to the quality of authors, educators and artists behind them.

We maintain this library of audio lessons today and TrueFire members and students can still access and work with them. They are all formatted as MP3 files and most of them even have PDF and Power Tab files featuring tab and standard notation.

HOW TO WORK WITH AUDIO LESSONS Level 1, 2 and 3 Students have access to the entire library of audio lessons. Students need to log in, explore the library, select a lesson and you’ll be able to stream the audio lessons immediately and download the tab and notation.

Free TrueFire Members have access to many free audio lessons as well, just not the entire library. Free members need to log in, explore the library, and select a lesson. If the lesson is free, members can download the audio, tab and notation. If the lesson is not free, members have the option of buying the lesson individually BUT we highly recommend considering at least a Level 1 Student Plan as this is significantly more affordable way to work with audio lessons PLUS you get access to video lessons and lots of other student benefits.