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Dino Fiorenza

After classical studies in Europe, at the age of 18 Dino begans to play the electric bass in local bands and, after a tour in Italy, thanks to his personal bass playing (a combination of 8 fingers tapping and funk slap), he joined the band of the European rock star Vasco Rossi, touring with him as 'lead bass' for one year.

Alzheimer, Arabesque, Disaster Area and Lisa's Revenge (with Ted Nuget's former band Lee Wilkerson on guitar) are only a few of the bands that Dino had joined as session player before becoming teacher at the Lizard College Of Music, Bass Department, in Italy.

During the year 2000 he had toured in all Europe with the 'Jesus Christ Superstar' orchestra performing the world famous musical in cities like Paris, London, Rome and Barcellona.

Currently he had received a sponsorship for a signature bass by RAROGuitar Inc. and “Galli strings”, he had produced the folk/rock band Strummula and played with the Official Mr. Big cover band the Mr. Pig group.

In the year 2002 Dino had joined the GD Trio with his long time friend Jack Speciale on drums and the European virtuoso GD on guitars and synths.


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