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Keith Wyatt

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. Beyond Johnny B Chuck Berry Style
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. Fingerstyle Blues: Lightnin' Hopkins Lesson
. Go Deep
. Less Filling More Taste: Uptempo Comp Patterns
. Rhythm In Blues: John Lee Hooker
. Stretching The Live Wire
. Swamp Music: Solo Guitar, Muddy Waters Style
. Sweet Blues Bends
. The Memphis Mambo: Latin-Laced Blues

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Keith Wyatt

A guitarist specializing in roots-oriented styles, Keith Wyatt has been active as both a performer and guitar educator. Currently touring as a member of legendary 'American Music' band The Blasters, Keith is also a featured instructional video artist for Warner Brothers with over a dozen titles covering all aspects of Blues guitar playing as well as the best-selling basic guitar instructional video series, Guitar Basics.

He helped create three award-winning CD-ROM instructional titles for Play Music: Play Blues Guitar, Play Rock Guitar, and Play Guitar. Keith helped develop the guitar curriculum at the Guitar Institute of Technology, where he has been an instructor for over two decades. He is the author of numerous books, articles and columns and has conducted seminars and clinics all over the world.

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