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Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

Original Music
. 'Blues Scholars': Etudes On The Blues Greats.
. 'Dharma: The Poetics Of Spirit'.
. 'Great Expectations': Reflective Biographical Etude.
. 'Incendiary Soul': A Homage To The Sales Brothers.
. 'Ode To Etta James'.
. 'Primordial Essences: Walking With The Archetypes And Angels'.
. 'Soul Survivor: A Vignette Etude Of Dick Heckstall-Smith'


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'Dharma: The Poetics Of Spirit'.

'Dharma: The Poetics Of Spirit'.
by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

Category: Portfolio/Catalog

Description: 'Dharma: The Poetics of Spirit'. An illustrated personal odyssey on Spiritual Arts & Reiki Healing Art Forms. By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. A reflective etude on Reiki healing arts, complete with spiritual art illustrations inspired by Greek mythology. Accompanying the artwork, there is a short, second passage exploring the genre of Spiritual Graphic Arts. The work is by artist & author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. Excerpt: The Poetics of Spirit Art. "Spiritual graphic art comprises primordial cultural archetypes evoking the collective unconscious. Channelling inspirational spiritually derived images involves the ability to envision generic essences. The artwork cultivated in my collection 'Primordial EssencesÂ’ is permeated by ancient esoteric symbols and residual cultural mythology. My art is defined by the legacy of my own connection to the conscious world and is a reflection of how I perceive the living experience. The collection explores the parameters of the avant-garde and is characterised by pastel colours, realisations of creatures cast into surreal technicolour, benevolent gods, angels and the super- verse populated by the doyens of our imagination guised as Kings..." Homepage: http://www.stephaniethorburn.webs.com

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