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Interactive Audio
. Track-22 Luckie Street
. Track-Dangerous Curves
. Track-Disruptive Behavior
. Track-Double Feature
. Track-Huntington Beach Babes
. Track-Love Is Hell
. Track-See, What Had Happened Wuz...
. Track-This Time It's Different
. Track-Twice A Day
. Track-Two-Tone Blues
. Track-Wendy's Blues
. Track-You Better Think Twice
. TrackOnly-Guitarboy Blues
. TrackOnly-Guitarboy's Boogie
. TrackOnly-Rock The Night

Original Music
. Disruptive Behavior
. Double Feature
. Guitarboy Blues
. Guitarboy's Boogie
. Huntington Beach Babes
. Love Is Hell
. Miami
. Passion Borrowed
. Rock The Night
. This Time It's Different
. Twice A Day
. Two-Tone Blues
. Wendy's Blues
. You Better Think Twice


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Deep Blue
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High Plains Drifter
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Jazzin With The Blues
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If You See My Girl
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Steamboat Whistle Blues
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Mississippi Blues/performed By Tim Sparks
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Aliens Are Here
by Loren "Lo" Woods

Who Is Me?
by anonymous

Skittles - Gareth Pearson
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String Muting & Damping
by Jamie Andreas

Blue Mesa
by Wayne Gerard

Looking Up
by Jamie Andreas

Too Too Train Blues
by Acoustic Guitar Workshop

The Thrill Is Back
by Stephen Robert

Voices On The Breeze
by Acoustic Guitar Workshop

by E. Sam Parker

7 Days A Week
by David R.

Hit & Take It!
by Jamie Andreas

When I'm Dancin' With You - Stacey Knights
by Stacey Knights

Tampa Boogie
by Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Arpeggio Study In E Minor By Mauro Giuliani
by Jamie Andreas

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Love Is Hell

Love Is Hell
by Guitarboy

Category: Blues

Description: Guitarboy-Guitars, Tony Waldrop-Keyboards, Bobby 'Radar' Martin-Bass, Rick Brunetti-Drums Written by Guitarboy Produced by Guitarboy & Buddy Strong. Recorded at South Eastern Sound*Mixed by Kraig Black and Guitarboy * Buy the 'Disruptive Behavior' CD at guitarboy.com Written and produced by Guitarboy

Length: 3:24; File Size: 3012KB

Download Format: MP3

Price: $0.99; TrueFire Cash-Back: $0.12

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