Billy Butler: 'Beyond Honky Tonk'

audio guitar lessonby Dave Rubin

Publisher: Guitar Player Magazine

Category: Blues, Country

Description: This 12-measure solo shows Billy's creative use of double-stops embellished with "organic" half-steps. Dig the way he employs the same interval to imply C6 in bars 1,3,7 and 8, Fmajor in bar 5 and G9sus4(!) against G7 in bar 9. He resolves back to a more conventional blues harmony in bar 10, with double-stops in thirds that imply movement from G6 to G9. Watch out for the rests-they're an integral part of Billy's style.

Length: 2:28; File Size: 2548KB

Download Format: audio - MP3, tablature - PDF, PTB

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